Enhancing brand experience: unlock your brand’s potential

Want to upgrade your brand experience? Try not to overthink tired methods, but rather try the simplest of human attractions – the senses. Your brand has every ability to improve the way your audience perceives it and encourage real results. How? Through the incredible world of multisensory marketing.

woman engaging with multisensory marketing

Upgrade your brand experience with multisensory marketing

S.O.H Group’s world of multisensory marketing services includes unique offerings of sight, scent and sound solutions. These solutions are designed to innovate your brand to new heights and immerse your audience through various mediums. Think massive video walls, scented spaces, and a tailored brand voice for your business’s needs. We transform static and traditional methods into a fresh brand experience that will wow your audiences in a meaningful way.
How multisensory marketing can revolutionise your brand experience
The ways the senses can be utilised for marketing and branding are forever evolving and advancing with modern technology and innovation. It’s an exciting prospect for brands and the future of creativity. We rounded up three main areas of multisensory marketing that are uniquely suited to tap into human interest.

engaging experiences

By transforming it into an engaging experience

Forget the static traditional marketing methods of the past. A multisensory experience reinforces a branded interaction through the power of the senses. You can forget droning salespeople or unwanted advances. With multisensory marketing, people will be drawn to your installation or unique digital experience. Call it curiosity, but people will want to see what your unique offering is and explore it. Humans love the novelty factor and the story tied to it. So ditch old methods – this approach will optimise your brand engagement significantly.

couple sharing an emotional connection

Through establishing an emotional connection

In addition to establishing an engaged audience, the senses direct a new wave of human interaction. Mass marketing created a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. Whereas multisensory marketing, it taps into our humanity’s central abilities in how we perceive the world. This develops a unique relationship between the experience and the brand through a specialised micro-marketed approach. This crafted interaction will ignite any number of emotions that you want to elicit from your audience.

happy couple creating memories

Creating and cementing memories

Our memories tend to fade with time. Yet, some senses can stand the test of time a little better than others. When comparing sight and sight recall, there is a noticeable difference. The ability to recollect an image reduces to approximately 50% after three months. And as for scent, humans maintain 65% memory recall accuracy after an entire year. Scenting is a great multisensory marketing tool to assist with creating a powerful experience and memory. This is thanks to the limbic system that processes these memories and the emotions associated with them. Catching a smell that instantly transports you to a joyful childhood memory? All thanks to the limbic system.

Interestingly, a study from Rockefeller University found that humans remember in the long term:

  • 1% of what we touch
  • 2% of what we hear
  • 5% of what we see
  • 15% of what we taste
  • 35% of what we smell

The main takeaway – use the senses to leave a lasting impression beyond static visuals. And scenting itself is a winning method. Need help designing your brand’s unique fragrance or scent for an event? Explore bespoke scenting.

create a lasting impression

Leverage the right senses for your brand

Think about what your brand stands for and what message and lasting impression you want to leave with your audience. Speak to our multisensory experts to devise the best marketing strategy and solutions for your brand experience.


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