The Power Of Scent

The power of scent is undeniable. Wondering what scenting is all about and why it is so effective? The reason why scent is used as an effective marketing element is because it is POWERFUL, UPLIFTING and BUILDS BRAND IDENTITY.

Lets speak about the power behind scenting,
By using scent marketing, you are improving your customer experience, influencing their purchases, and encouraging positive reviews on products! Customers notice the small things about your brand so make sure you show up with a scent that is not to be forgotten!

  • Ambient scents increase positive product ratings by 25%
  • Customers will linger longer in scented areas by 40%
  • Scenting can influence and increase intent to buy by 80%
  • The sense of smell is the most powerful sense
  • 1 scent can reawaken 1000’s of memories

Uplifting your customer experience through scent
The nose is a scent detector and a good one at that, so use the natural powers of smell to improve your customer experience so that when customers are making purchase decisions, they can feel relaxed, comfortable, and calm. Leave a lasting impression on your customers with your fragrance and the next time they smell it, it will remind them of your brand

  • The nose transmits to the top area of the brain that processes emotions and memory therefore a scent in your store or business will create a memory for your customers
  • Alleviate anxiety with the presence of a soothing scent such as lavender or eucalyptus
  • The average person can recognize over 10 000 scents
  • We are more likely to recall and remember something we smelt before something we saw, heard or touched
  • In our day, 75% of the emotions we feel are affected by smell
  • 65% of people can accurately recall a smell 1 year after they’ve smelt it
  • 40% of people’s moods are elevated by scent

Build your Brand Identity the olfactory way
A study conducted by Chicago University researchers showed that the same identical pair of shoes were shown to the same group of people in two different settings. The group of people reacted and found the shoes more attractive when displayed in an area that had been scented. They even valued the shoes 15% more than the price they were.

This is an example of how scent marketing influences customers’ purchase decisions in a positive way. Combine 3 or more senses and you’re hitting the jackpot on brand impact being made on your customers.
To end off, Scenting has the ability to influence customers when they are in their purchase decision stage. It has the potential to get them to buy your products and increase sales! It keeps your brand top of mind and builds a relationship and memorable experience with your customers – isn’t that what you are looking for?

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