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Put the beat back into your business

Does your customer experience strategy include a top-notch backing track? Give your brand a voice in-store, on hold, online, on the radio or wherever you need to be heard, with tailor-made and cost-effective sound marketing solutions.

Grow your customer experience strategy with one or more of our creative or managed audio solutions. Services include on-hold telephone messaging, voice-overs, radio scripts, multimedia presentations, sound effects, podcasts, in-store music and messaging, and bespoke in-store radio solutions.

Mood Music

Set the mood for your brand with in-store audio marketing solutions and access to one of the largest commercial and directly licensed music collections in the world. We offer a contemporary music selection that meets the needs of your business across a wide range of musical genres. From out-the -box to custom built solutions, we have the tools, expertise and content to ensure great products that are designed to meet your needs – whether its pumping beats or nerve calming tweets. Our state-of-the-art Mood Music software player is custom designed to enable the best in-store music solutions.


Transform your telephone message communication into something positive, memorable and meaningful. Designed to capture your caller’s attention while they are on-hold, we offer a tailor-made, cost-effective tool that will revolutionise your telephone communication and bring your brand to life.


Our answering service picks up incoming calls after-hours and relays a tailor-made message to the caller.


Interactive Voice Response is a telephony menu system that enables the routing of callers to the most appropriate advisor within your team. It is a simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company.

voice artists

We have a wide range of local and international voice talent, browse our data base to find a voice that meets your needs.


Give your customer experience strategy a voice. Our recording studio offers the very best in-store audio sound marketing solutions and services in the industry. Hit record on anything. Mixing and editing, dubbing, radio ads, voice-overs, audiobooks, podcasts, IVR’s and more.


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