Who Uses Scent Marketing

Who uses Scent Marketing and What they smell like?

So you’ve heard of scent marketing but have you noticed how the following brands use it to their advantage and what they smell like?

Brand Identity through scent:
The following brands have made use of effectively implementing scent marketing into their brand identity to allow customers to engage and form memorable emotional connections with them.

  1. Starbucks
    Roasted, toasted, ground and filtered – the sweet aroma of coffee is a familiar scent even if you aren’t a coffee fan. This scent is incredibly tantalising. The aroma of freshly-made coffee wafts through Starbucks outlets and their surrounds. The coffee shop uses this delicious scent to lure its customers in.
  2. Cinnabon
    Anyone walking past Cinnabon never fails to notice the smell of the delicious cinnamon buns. The bakery chain really wants to lure customers in with the smell. They employ many tactics to ensure their customers are enticed by the delicious aroma. Stores are intentionally located in malls and airports so that the “smells can linger”. Cinnamon rolls are baked every
    30 minutes!
  3. Abercrombie & Fitch
    American based retail giant that sells upscale casual apparel for teens. It uses very strong and overpowering scents in their shops. This strategy is based on their target population. The clothing company uses their very own fragrance (originally it was Fierce but has recently changed to Ellwood). They have a scent associated with their own brand. By using their own
    scent, they immediately create customer recognition.
  4. Cineplex
    A movie theatre using scent marketing to waft popcorn scent throughout the cinema to drive snack sales.
  5. Singapore Airlines
    As soon as you step aboard the aircraft, the fragrance has the “potential to kick-start a kaleidoscope of smooth, comfortable memories, all reflecting the more obvious customer service and quality efforts of the Singapore Airlines brand.” Understanding the value of scent marketing the fragrance “Stefan Floridian Waters” is worn by flight attendants as perfume, is blended into their hot towels, and is pumped throughout the cabin space.

Scent specialists are real genies in their fields as it is an algorithm of what scent suits your business best. It involves in depth knowledge of your brands target market, demographic, forecast and location. Who is your scent going to be used to target and will it suit your brand and represent it in the best way possible?

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